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Namabollo collects online submissions of enterprises willing to benefit from its program.  Our Enterprise register form makes this possible. As much information as necessary is collected on the form. This information is verified. Once our consultants give the green light, your enterprise goes live on Namabollo.

There are a few things you need to know before you proceed.

  • We know business ideas are intellectual property! We do not intend to mess around with yours. However, we require enough information to verify your enterprise. If you require signing a Non Disclosure Agreement before uploading your enterprise, please e-mail us at admin@namabollo.com

  • Support documentation will be required. Some of the kinds of documents needed include:

    • Bank statements

    • Copies of identification documents

    • Enterprise registration documents

    • Business plans

    • Financial plans

    • Others

  • There are some basic criteria enterprises have to meet:

    • Enterprises have to be formally registered at the relevant company registration agency in the country of location

    • Enterprises should have had an active bank account

    • Enterprise owners must be committed to the Namabollo processes

    • Enterprise owners must be willing to undergo business training where needed

That’s it for now! Please click on here to upload your enterprise.