Fankanta Bolonba Venture Club

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FANKANTA  BOLONBA comes from Mandika language in West Africa. It refers to abundant supply.
Fankanta Bolonba Venture Club is the first Venture Club to be hosted on the Namabollo platform. 
Key officers
Chairperson: Ebrima Jassey
Secretary: Yasmine Diallo
Fankanta Bolonba is established to give its members opportunities to contribute to development of real estate development ventures in Africa
Members contributions
Our members make monthly or once off contributions towards ventures hosted on the Namabollo Platform. Funds contributed are placed within an interest bearing account and upon reaching the target amount these funds are deployed to the selected venture. Contributory amounts are
Monthly: $1.00
Once off ; minimum of $ 10.00
Club meetings are held every Bi- monthly on the last Saturday of the corresponding month.