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What is a venture club?

It is a community where members come together to contribute funds into a common pool. These funds are then invested into viable enterprises. Namabollo supports, assists and facilitates the setting up of verified  clubs.

Why should I join one?

Venture clubs give you a seamless opportunity to participate while enjoying the power and safety in a community. 

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List of venture clubs

 The Fankanta Bolonba Venture Club

Fankanta Bolonba is established to give its members opportunities to contribute to development of real estate development ventures in Africa

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Start your own Venture Club

Venture club registrations require verification. You may create your own venture club to suit your unique needs. Click the link below to submit your details for verification and to receive notifications as as soon as the venture club is approved. 

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If you’ve not found a venture club that suits your needs at this time and would like to receive notification when new clubs come on board please submit your details here


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